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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Windows xp, Windows xp free download



Installation of WINDOWS XP:

                      Steps in installing WINDOWS XP are as follows:
  1. Switch ON the PC
  2. Insert Windows XP bootable disk into your CD/DVD ROM.
    • It will show a message "press any key to boot from cd/dvd....". If you get this message go to step 3, else follow these steps
    • Just restart your PC again and press f3 or f10 buttons on your keyboard. This buttons are pressed just after the PC starts. 
    • Now a blue screen will appear which shows the BIOS settings of you PC. 
    • Now goto boot configuration. Now move to the Boot device priority.
    • Now change the priority of your CD/DVD drive to first. 
    • Now press F10 button and click on YES
    • Now PC will restarts and you will get that message "press any key to boot from CD/DVD..."
  3. Now press any key on keyboard...The installation of Windows XP starts now
  4. It will load the required files for the installation of windows XP
  5. Now a message will show the previous operating systems in your system. If you want to repair the operating system present in your PC just press the button (which is show below of the screen). 
  6. Now you will show screen of terms of services and conditions of you must to have accept the conditions. So press F8
  7. Then after pressing F8 it will show the partitions present in your PC. Now select the C partition and press L button and delete the partition and press C to create the partition.
  8. Now select the new partition and press C drive will be formatted automatically and it will loads the Windows XP system files.
  9. After the 100% copying of files. The system will automatically restarts. Now dont press any key when it shows the message as "press any key to boot from CD/DVD.." just wait for a while..
  10. Now windows XP starts...after some time a window will pop-up to enter the product key.. Enter the product key which is on the cover of the windows XP CD.
  11. Select the proper time zone and set the system time correctly and continue the installation. I think after 37 minutes the installation completes and system will again restarts.
  12. Now remove the windows XP CD from the drive.
  13. The system will starts and it will show a window to enter the user name of the system
  14. Just type your name. If you want to set the password to your PC, then you have to enter it here...and press next..
  15. Finally the desktop screen will appear in your monitor. Thus OS installation finishes.

you can download the windows XP boot cd by clicking the following link

mediafire links

              Download all parts. Each part is compressed. use winrar to extract the first part. Automatically all parts are extracted into one file. Then use NERO software to burn into CD.

Partitioning the disk:
                 If you bought new PC...then PC's harddisk is single drive of memory equal to the total memory of harddisk. So the harddisk has to be partitioned means dividing the harddisk memory into some drives having custom memory sizes. First, let us know, why this partition of disk is required and its advantages.
                 Initially the harddisk is of memory that contains whole memory size of harddisk. If you install the OS then you need to install in that drive only. After installation of OS, if you want to save the data like songs, videos, softwares, office files etc.., is to be saved in that single drive. If the PC is effected with virus means, then if a situation like "formatting the harddisk" occurs. Then, the data which is stored all songs, videos, entire data will be erased.

                 Hence, if you partitioned that disk initially means, the OS will be in a drive, and your data can be in other drives like this figure shown below.

Note: By using windows XP Cd you can do any number of partitions, while by Windows 7 CD we can do maximum of 3 partitions only.

Installations of Drivers:

                   After installing the OS, then you need to install the drivers for the system. Drivers means its a software which interconnects the hardware component with the operating system. For audio, video, chipset etc., you need to install the drivers. For driver software, insert the CD that you got while buying the motherboard of PC. Then install the drivers provided in the CD.

                   If you lost the CD, then go to the internet. Search the drivers for your motherboard, based on the version of your mother board.  

If you have any doubts regarding this you can catch me at GOOGLE+. I will caught you there.... 


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