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Friday, June 22, 2012

Windows 7 all editions free download & Windows task manager

            This is the latest OS after windows vista. In my view, Windows 7 becomes one of the best operating system when compared to all other OSs. In Windows it has advanced options and features when compared to previous versions of windows (xp, vista). In windows 7 there are several types like ULTIMATE, HOMEBASIC, HOME PREMIUM etc., All these types exist in both 64bit and 32 bit versions. 

           Here i will discuss, the difference between 64bit & 32bit in general way. You know that, CPU will carry certain number of instructions at a time. This 64bit and 32bit refers to the number of instructions carried out by CPU. For 64bit OS, the CPU holds many instructions when compared to 32bit. Hence while considering speed, 32bit OS is reliable. The main disadvantage of 64 bit OS is it requires unique and separate Software programs. Hence 64bit, doesn't supports the multiple platform softwares. Multiple platform softwares means, softwares which will work in different OSs like XP, 7(32bit), vista(32bit).  

            You know that, CPU performs certain number of processes. This number of processes can be known by the following way....
              Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on keyboard at a time. A dialog box will pop-ups. That dialog box is called Task manager. This Task manager contains the information about "currently running programs in system, number of processes, What are the processes that are currently running, If you would have connected the internet, then it contains information about, how much you are utilizing the network and what are the active connections etc.,," Using this task manager we can terminate or initiate any process by clicking on END Process button or New task button. The task manager windows will appear like this.... 

            Sometimes, CPU won't respond on any click. Then inorder to make it to normal position is by starting task manager. In the above fig, the currently running programs are running. During the CPU struck condition...some of programs here shows status of "Not Responding" state. Hence by selecting that program, and click on the End Task button at the button. By performing this process.. We can regain the CPU to normal state....

              Installation of Windows 7 is same as Windows XP. The hard disk partitions, By using Windows 7 we have choice of making maximum of 3 partitions only. Hence, a user who buys New PC is recommended to first insert the Windows XP CD and make the Disk partition and then insert the Windows 7 CD and do the installation of OS.

If you want to download the windows 7 all editions (64bit & 32bit). Click on the below links...

Windows 7 All Editions SP1 (x86 x64) | 3.72 GB

Windows 7 Ultimate x86 / x64
Windows 7 Professional x86 / x64
Windows 7 HomePremium x86 / x64

This is Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate from Microsoft Servers and I only add pre-activation
scripts and files to activate it during installation (Clean and Simple).
You will be able to receive all updates from Microsoft and pass validation

Boot from DVD only to start installing Windows,after that ignore message to boot from CD/DVD.
When setup prompt you,choose custom (Advanced), not Upgrade
Final step is to format partition (Disk) where you want to install Windows.
To do that you must open advanced options (Right bottom corner).
All after this, Windows setup will do all the rest,you only must set
options you want ( Time and Zone, Network,etc..)
and of course to update Windows
Thats it,you are in Windows now.


Here the link contains 20 parts. Download all the parts. Extract it using Winrar software to one file. Burn it using the windows burner or NERO or Power iso softwares.. If you have any doubts regarding this,....comment on this post...


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