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Friday, June 15, 2012

operating systems

                 Here i will discuss what is an operating system, what is the requirement of an operating system, what are the different types of operating systems present up to now, Requirements of installing a operating system, process of installing operating system, what are the required softwares after installing operating system.

Operating system:

                    Operating system simply we call it as OS. OS is a software which interfaces the hardware components with applications. OS makes the hardware usable in a suitable fashion. Every machines like,..PCs, palmtops, cellphones, billing systems (ticket billing, current billing), cameras etc.., 

                    OS contains set of instructions which guides the machine to operate in a perfect manner. Without OS, the PC is like a person in comma. Thus OS makes the PCs life.

Various Operating systems:

                     There are several operating systems present up to now. Operating systems can be differ by type of hardware used, type of manufacturing motherboard or type of processor used. Some of the operating systems that i know are....WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP (SP1, SP2, SP3), WINDOWS VISTA, WINDOWS 7 (HOME PREMIUM, ULTIMATE, HOME BASIC, PROFESSIONAL), WINDOWS 8, MAC OS, LINUX (UBUNTU), UNIX. Here i mentioned only few of OSs. 

                          MAC OS was designed by APPLE computers. This OS will work only in APPLE pc's. Now a days MAC OS can also installed in Intel PCs. This MAC OS has separate version of softwares which will work only this type of PCs (APPLE PCs). 

                   Linux, Unix, are some of the OSs which are unique OSs which has separate versions of softwares. While all other OSs are designed to operate in Intel processor PCs. The software used in windows version of softwares are portable. At first windows releases windows 95, then windows 98, windows 2000, windows xp service pack 1, windows xp service pack 2,  windows xp service pack 3, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 (latest version yet to be released).

Requirements of installing OS:

                    After connecting all the components of PC. In order to install OS you are supposed to get bootable CD/DVD or bootable USB drive. This bootable devices have the type of OS you wish to install in your PC.


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